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K9 Nosework

Class Tools

What You Need to Bring



Crate:  (where your dog will rest between runs).  Dogs must be crate trained unless other accommodations are available.  Dogs may be crated in vehicles, weather permitting.

Chair:  (there will be chairs at some facilities, but you may prefer something more comfortable. Outside facilities will nit have chairs available. Please bring your own.

Water:  (for you and your dog)

Flat Collar:  (buckle or martingale style) or a well fitted traditional style harness during class.  No training collars, head halters or easy walk harnesses during runs although they may be used getting to and from the search area.

Leash:  A 6’ light-weight leather or nylon leash (no chain or retractable leashes).  All dangling items, rings, charms, poop bag holders must be removed so as not to distract the dog.

Toys and/or Treats:  HIGH VALUE treats.  Bring a variety in case your first thought is not the same as your dog’s.  Sometime your usual food reward is not high enough value for Nose Work.  Consider some of these:  tuna, sardines, salmon, blue cheese, ham hocks, sausages, meatballs, liverwurst, hot dogs.  Avoid the crumbly type treats.

Treat pouch/bait bag:  Please bring a small vented container or treat/bait bag. (Avoid plastic baggies on the search course).

Hungry & Motivated Dog:  Be sure your dog is hungry and motivated.  If your dog is not usually food motivated, please don’t feed immediately before class.  Also, don’t burn your dog out with physical activity before scent work.

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