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K9 Nosework

Class  Structure and Rules

Please note there may be additional recommendations or requirements specific to each location or facility.

  1. The structure of the class indicates that one dog work at a time.  Other dogs will remain secured or crated until their turn.

 2. When you enter the area with your dog, don’t let him or her wander into the designated search area until further instruction.


 3. When entering and exiting the area, or out in the potty area, please keep dogs a safe distance from one another.  No meet and greets.


 4. Make sure to potty dogs prior to class and possibly prior to each run.  The nature of the work may trigger the desire to eliminate anyway.  In that case be ready to preempt the attempt but if unsuccessful, don’t reprimand the dog…..remove dog from search area and will take care of the clean-up.


 5. Minimize chatting during the dogs’ runs.


 6. Instruction may vary based on an individual dog’s needs.


 7. The handlers will work dogs both on and off leach at instructor’s direction.


 8. The instructor may rev up or excite your dog. Please hold your ground and do not release dog dog until instructed.


 9. If dog solicits social contact during the search, please ignore them.


 10. Please leave treats in the crating area when it is not your turn so that the workspace floor is clear of distractions.


 11. Be patient with your dog.  Dogs learn at different paces, like people.  Don’t get frustrated, your dog will know.  Keep positive.


 12. Don’t say “no” or “leave it”. If you need the dog to leave something, just encourage the dog to move away.  Be careful not to leash correct the dog.


 13. Please ask questions, but know that some will be tabled due to workshop timing.


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