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Training Tips

Dogs will do dog behaviors.  Don’t take it personally.  Dogs don’t try to punish their humans.  They are simply dogs being dogs.  If it is an unwanted behavior, interrupt it and teach an alternate desirable behavior.  If it is a desirable behavior praise it!   The humans are the ones with the big brains and the opposable thumbs.  It is our job to teach the pups.  Don’t give dogs more responsibility than they can handle.   

House Rules

I have 3 medium sized dogs.  Each dog weighs about 50 pounds.  If my dogs run amok, I have 150 pounds of dogs going in different directions doing inappropriate things.  There is no trade in value for unruly dogs.  The value of well-established and well maintained house rules is priceless.  Although basic obedience training with the sit, down, stay, wait, come, etc. is essential, it will not develop a good canine community member or a good family member.  Dogs need human leadership or they will take the role themselves.  Their ideas of house rules are generally not the same as ours. It really is NOT OK to dig a hole in the sofa.  Call me if your dog is ruling the roost.



All dogs need exercise.  The amount of exercise is dog specific.  A Border Collie needs much more exercise than a Cavalier King Charles.  But all dogs need exercise.  The walk with the human is one of the most important parts of dog training.  Not only does the dog get the exercise she needs, she also has that special dog/human communication time.  This is the opportunity for the handler and the dog to bond and to learn each other’s idiosyncrasies.  A walk with your dog every day (and more than once a day for the dogs that need more exercise) is a bonding experience, a training opportunity, and exercise for both the dog and the handler.  The dogs gets the opportunity to sniff good smells, the human gets the opportunity to breathe fresh air.  The walk improves everyone’s frame of mind.  

Dogs also need mental stimulation.  Games are a great way to keep your dog's mind active and build your relationship with your dog.  Let me teach you fun brain games to play with your dog.




Simply put, you cannot teach the dog until you have his attention.  Talking to his butt will not train him.  Use your treats, use controlled collar pressure, use your voice and get his attention.  Once you have his attention, praise him for giving it to you.  Throw him a party!  Make him want to pay attention to you.  In class we say, ‘’you need to be more interesting than the grass!”
Some attention games:
• Call the dog’s name and when she looks at you give her a treat.
• Say “watch me” and take a treat from the dog’s nose to your chin (keep a thumb in the collar so he doesn't jump) and AS SOON AS he makes eye contact, pop a treat in his mouth.

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