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Some satisfied clients:


Puppy Love

"Our dog loved Connie as a puppy and still does.  Connie helped us train a beloved pet to be a good family member."

Kathy Austin, Wonder's Owner

Strut  your stuff

"Thanks so much for training Luna to do K9 Nose Work!  She was fearful and shy when she started and now she actually struts!  Her confidence continues to grow in most circumstances.  We will play the game for a long time."


Cathy Klein 

Luna's Mom

Rescued Rescue

"Noble was a rescue with baggage.  We loved him but didn't know how to help him adjust to his new life.  Thank goodness Connie consulted with us about his behavior!  She was great with follow-up and continued guidance."


Justin Clearacre, Nobel's Owner

A well trained dog is joy forever!

"Our first class with Connie was in 2007 when Misty was a puppy.  She is now considered a senior and still the joy of our lives.  We wouldn't have this treasure without Connie's training.  Thanks!"


Jorge and Ana Stenchal

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