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Brain Games! -

Drop In Class


Brain Games! are on hiatus.  Check back for new classes.

This class is a drop in class with no reservation necessary.  It is designed to practice and enhance your obedience work with your dog.  It is also designed to enhance your communication and teamwork with your dog.  The location for each session will be posted on the calendar.  The fee for each class is $10.00.


Obedience is an important part of a dog’s life.  The best way to keep the vast majority of dogs OUT of shelters is to develop their compliance to the family rules.  The humans in the relationship get to set the rules in their own homes.  Our class will help you and your dog listen to each other and find a common ground for the rules.


Like children, dogs need consistency and persistence to learn the family rules.  They also need consequences to learn efficiently.  We strive to use the gentlest means possible to help a dog lean to be a good citizen.


With that in mind, we play games so that the learning is fun for everyone!  We will practice some obedience drills during the first quarter of the class and then begin the games.  Different games will be offered offered each week.  We will also move the location of the class to provide an opportunity for the dogs to generalize their learning.  We may even have an occasional lunch date!  Watch the calendar.





Before your fist day in this class, please contact Connie for an evaluation of suitabilty.  Your dog should know the basics.  This is not a class to teach obedience.  It is a class to practice obedience.  If you need an evaluation or a basic class, please email me at:

Some of the behaviors we will address:

Taking Turns (Learning Patience)

Staying Focused (Learning Impulse Control)

Being Attentive (Learning to be Responsive to You)

Search/Find (Learning Dedication to Complete a Task)


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